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Foster The Workshop

Saturday I had the opportunity to join a group of amazingly talented people. It was my first workshop ever. I'm mostly self taught on my camera. Youtube is your girls BEST FRIEND. I was so nervous to go to this workshop. Ya know the good nervous like you know you'll benefit so much, but you actually have no idea what you're doing and you're going to be surrounded by some of the best? Not intimidating at all right? I don't come from a circle of creatives. My friends are farmers, farmers kids, work for farmers and well I probably know them through some agricultural thing. So I'm new to the industry. This workshop opened a whole new world for me! The vibe when you walked into Blankspace (Which by the way, this place is mad cool if you're looking for a place to book an event in Tri-Cities most definitely keep them in mind!) It was a mix of "I don't know anyone here i'm gunna awkwardly drink my champagne" (Thank god for alcohol am I right?) and excitement. When they turned us loose for the first afternoon shoot it was a whirlwind of ideas and creativity. It was fun! I was having so much fun taking the pictures I quit focusing so much on what "looked good" and just started going with what felt good. I brought home so much and feel like my fire was relit. If you're even remotely interested in photography I highly suggest doing a workshop. ESPECIALLY if it's put on by the amazing Alex Lasota and Tina Phillips. The venue was amazing and the vendors were perfect! I can't even begin to express my gratitude for everyone involved that day!

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